Maiden Voyage

Marriage is tough. I almost put “can be tough,” but that understates it. Too often we forget that it’s not easy to coexist with someone day to day, even if it is a person that we chose ourselves. We’re too easily fooled by the illusion of love portrayed by movies and tv shows: that love is some elusive thing that can appear or disappear at random. That’s a lie. And I don’t know why we’d trust anything Hollywood tells us about love and marriage anyway. Would you take advice on money management from someone who’d filed for bankruptcy multiple times?

The beginnings of love may appear and disappear — that fluttering feeling, an accelerated heart rhythm. What we fail to realize is that the flutters are worthless to sustain us through the difficult times in life. That’s what real, deep, enduring love is for. Fluttery feelings for my husband would not have helped me deal with my father’s death. But the peace and confidence I had in our marriage provided a safe place for me to grieve.

How do we achieve that kind of love? The kind that transcends the fluttery feelings? Well, that’s what I hope we’ll discover on this site, together.

I hope you’ll join me.

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