September 11th

I am thinking today about the widows and widowers of this day five years ago. I pray that they are comforted, but I know that within each of them there is a spot that no human comfort can reach.

How many of those widows and widowers were happily married the day their marriage ended so suddenly? And of those who were not, would they go back now if they could and do things differently? If she defined herself as unhappy because her husband was inconsiderate and forgot anniversaries and birthdays, or if he did because his wife snapped at him and nagged him and made him feel small, how do they look back on that now? Would they let those grievances go now if they could?

I wonder.


3 thoughts on “September 11th

  1. Ok, ok … I’ve been trying to come up with something more lighthearted!

    I have to go to the DMV this lovely morning, so who knows when I’ll be back to post — but I will have oodles of time to think of something!

  2. Ugh, I don’t expect anything lighthearted out of that!

    Though “How I Served My Husband By Plucking Out My Fingernails One By One (AKA going to the DMV)” could prove interesting.

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