The Battles of Marriage, Part Deux

So I made him cry. And he’s not a crier. I feel lousy. And it makes me think that my “issue” is, was, and always has been, selfish and petty and unimportant in light of the fact that I make Pete feel so utterly lame whenever I bring it up. Is anything worth chipping away at your spouse, grinding him down?

I do think it’s resolved now, actually. Yes, I know, I always think that. But the thing that’s different this time is me. And perhaps that’s where the real trouble was all along.


4 thoughts on “The Battles of Marriage, Part Deux

  1. This is another thing. No matter the discussion, I always know tht in the end, it will come back to being my problem. And I want to bring up how selfish I am, why? 😀 Horribly discouraging, and yet, at least there is hope for better. Because if we can’t hope to better ourselves, why bother going on?

  2. I’ve just got to tell you this is a great blog Mandy. Your honesty in writing reaches me on a very human level, which is not something many Christian writers do. Thanks and God bless to you and my boy Pete.

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