I’m back

We’ve been through a wee bit of upheaval in our lives lately, which I’ll most likely wrestle with in future posts. I’ve been spending the last few months finishing the final edit on a novel I began writing back in the fall of 2004. I am happy to report that I finished yesterday! Our tradition is to get a bottle of champagne for each writing milestone I reach, and we scribble the date & the milestone on the cork, which we save — but we’re down with the flu, so champagne doesn’t sound like a great idea. We’ll probably pick up a bottle this afternoon (or … we’ll have a mini argument over which one of us has to get out of their flu-germ infested pajamas to do so). Hey, it’s our cork, we can lie about the date we drank it if we want to!

I’ve also been “gone” from the site for logistical, sort of legal reasons. That sounds a lot more intriguing than it actually is. Here’s my conundrum: I set up this site to write about marriage. But I also write magazine articles about marriage, and magazines want first-rights to the articles, meaning I can’t use them for a full year past their publication dates. I currently have three articles that I can’t share with you because two have already been sold and one’s under review by an editorial board. I guess I need to figure out how to write about the same stuff, but make it different enough from the purchased/published articles so that I’m not breaking my contracts!

FYI – my first article comes out in May, in the summer issue of Marriage Partnership Magazine. My next article is tentatively slated for their winter 07/08 issue. Their Editor, the hilarious and wonderful Ginger Kolbaba, has told me that if they buy the third article, I’ll get an invitation to be a regular contributor. Cool, eh?

So, that’s my update. Fascinating, I know. I am committed to posting regularly from now on. Really, I promise. Now that I’m finished with my novel, I have to do something with all my free time, other than watching reruns on the Food Network!

3 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. You know I was paralyzed for a while as I found myself saving my “good stuff” for articles…and then someone found my blog and is trying to get a blog to book going. Go figure.

    I say write about life with a marriage partner and the rest will flow. Don’t try to tell it prettily–that’s for the mags.

  2. Welcome back! I’m glad to see you writing again. And the novel is done, and two articles published! Woo hoo!

    Praying for happy house-hunters…

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