American Idol Blues

Even my daughters recognize that Sanjaya does not deserve to remain on the show when people like Stephanie Edwards and Chris Sligh have been voted off. They were stunned and their faces were downcast at tonight’s results (I do think Chris has no rhythm and could have done a much better job last night–in case you wondered). I have missed a couple of weeks of results shows, so I’m not sure — has Sanjaya ever even been in the bottom three?! I think this is going to be the worst season ever. It’s already halfway there, in my opinion.

In case you haven’ t heard, I think at least some of the blame goes here: I see some of what they’re saying (I have a friend who is a truly incredible singer and when she auditioned a couple of years ago, she was eliminated in the very first round). But the fact remains that they are cheating the good singers that are on the show now when they prop up freaky ponytail mohawk boy so that he gets to stay on longer. Not to mention that he is going to have to be in some serious therapy once he figures out how much he stinks. And he will.

For now, I’m just frustrated and I’m sad for my girls that they have to learn this early that the world is an unjust place!


4 thoughts on “American Idol Blues

  1. I certainly hope so, because if Malinda gets sent home and Sanjaya wins, Idol is OVER. Seriously. Over. End of Idol for America. It doesn’t work anymore.

    I used to think it was hoaky, but after a couple of the winners have gone on to the big time, I thought it was really something that could find people that wouldn’t make it another way. But Sanjaya? Please.

  2. If Sanjaya passes up Melinda, Lakisha, or Jordin, Idol will be over. Obviously, I think anyone on the show is better than Sanjaya (he shouldn’t have made it to the final 12–heck, sometimes I think he shouldn’t have made it to Hollywood at all!). But I think those three are light years ahead of the rest.

    My daughter said, “I wish we could vote AGAINST people.” No kidding!

  3. Remember, this is show biz..

    1) No PR is bad PR, as long as he stays, it keep front page news

    2) everything works out in the end… only one can win, and would you say the show had obvious faults in the winner choice in prior seasons?

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