Never Another

Hate the title. Am sick of the story myself (that’s what happens after countless rounds of obsessive editing). But I had to subject you to it anyway.

I added a link on the sidebar to my short story, “Never Another.” I wrote it in the summer of 2004 for a contest sponsored by Westbow Publishing and WORLD magazine. I wound up as a finalist (top ten out of more than 1000, which was rather cool), which led to an invitation from Westbow to submit a novel. Since I didn’t have a novel to submit, I had to write one. And that’s what led to the manuscript I recently finished.

Yes, I know, you’re wondering what the big deal is about querying agents if I was invited to send the novel to Westbow. Well, that arrangement didn’t work out so well. The acquisitions editor that invited me to submit has since left the publisher, and now I have no “in” at Westbow anymore. That’s how it goes with the shifting sands of publishing.

Anyway, you can read the story if you’d like to, or you are free to skip it! Just wanted to put it out there.

One more little tidbit of information–with this story, I earned the nickname in my writers’ group of Super Sappy Girl. Be warned.


2 thoughts on “Never Another

  1. Just reread “Never Another.” I liked it even better this time around! No wonder you were a finalist in the contest. It’s a very moving story.

    Wasn’t that an amazing experience? So many of us sat glued to our computers for weeks, waiting for each new story, each new comment. I was enthralled by it all, and I wasn’t even a finalist–so I can only imagine what it was like for you and Jamie and the others. I don’t know how you survived some of the rude remarks. . .while others must have sent you soaring!

    But the most amazing thing to come from the contest experience was that you parked your face in front of a computer screen and wrote a wonderful novel, inspired by your invitation to submit one. You are a story teller–that is a gift you have from God. But against much adversity, you persevered–you wrote and rewrote and edited and polished a fine piece of work. And you should feel GREAT about that. Heck, I feel GREAT vicariously for you! I hope some of your spunk and grit–not to mention some of your talent–rubs off on me. . . . .

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