Weighty issues

I heard a talk radio host the other day (not Don Imus–this guy was filling in for Dennis Prager and I don’t even remember his name). He was discussing a comment that Elizabeth Edwards had made to an interviewer when asked about her weight. She said she’d learned to let go of the Barbie ideal and just be comfortable with herself.

The host objected to her statements. I’ll admit, I usually find myself objecting to what Elizabeth Edwards says. But in this case, I was confused. He said that she was being selfish, and that she should ask John how he felt about her weight, rather than worrying about how she felt about it herself.

My first reaction was to try to conjure up a picture of Mrs. Edwards in my head, because I honestly don’t think she’s fat. She’s not Calista Flockhart, or even Jennifer Lopez, but I don’t think she’s heavy enough to worry about whether her husband is distraught over it.

My next reaction was to wonder if this guy had a bit of a point. (Hold off, girls, don’t shoot!) Spouses (notice that I’m being even-handed) should attempt to appeal to each other. If we stop caring about attracting our significant others, it’s a short, slippery slope to not caring about how our relationship is going at all.

But my final reaction was that the bigger challenge, and the more meaningful one, is to learn to accept each other’s imperfections. Perfection is unattainable anyway.


One thought on “Weighty issues

  1. As if the Barbie ideal is possible. What you say is true, we should care what our spouse thinks, but no one can attain the Barbie ideal without surgery. The host is bogus.

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