Aw, shucks

thinking blogger award

My dear friend Laura, of Here and Now, has been kind enough to pass along the Thinking Blogger award for my recent post, “There’s a reason it’s in the vows.” She writes a beautiful, heartfelt blog that makes me laugh and think and smile regularly.

As is the tradition with this award, I hereby pass it along to recent posts by other bloggers that have made me think as well.

1. Over at Worship City, When you don’t wanna not only made me think, it made me cringe, because it’s all too true!

2. At Annie Pannie’s blog, Peculiar People, she speaks beautifully of the need to put Christ in the forefront of our minds and hearts, and let Him roll off the tips of our tongues, in her recent post, entitled Appointments.

3. Easter may be behind us for this year, but it’s truly always before us, so the Easter post from Thoughts and Actions, entitled Death Swallowed Up By Victory, is well worth your time.

4. Chaos-Jamie of Surviving the Chaos is great at being funny, but she’s great at making me think, too. Particularly in this case: For the Sake of the Present.

5. I just discovered this blog, Green Pastures, written by “Pasture Scott” (his “about me” page explains the name). My favorite post so far is called Things I…. A short, sweet, great read.


2 thoughts on “Aw, shucks

  1. Well hello Mandy! or Mrs. Houk! That seems more appropriate I suppose. Your recognition is most flattering. I’m glad my musings and ramblings can make it coherently out of my brain and through my fingers onto my blog in a way that makes you cringe! Haha just kidding.
    More importantly, I’m excited because you’ve exposed me to some pretty great blogs that I otherwise wouldn’t have run across, so thank you very much for that!

  2. Yes, cringing is an important part of my daily regimen, so thanks for facilitating that!

    I appreciate your posts because they’re genuine and funny and thought provoking. I loved the one about taking care of your daughter for the evening–the slide ‘n feed method is a new one to me!

    Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a blessing.

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