Big Day

First, I got word that I’m going to be hired on for a huge editing project (“huge” is probably not the right word–“unlimited” is more like it). Clay Clarkson, the co-founder of Whole Heart Ministries, is embarking on a fabulous, noble, exciting endeavor, taking old classic books and cleaning them up, bringing them into modern styles. (Fellow literary purists, do not fear! The books will remain true to their original authors. The only changes will be in regard to old grammar rules–for example, the older books do not have a new paragraph for each speaker in a passage of dialogue; they also had looser rules about run-on sentences–things like that.) My first book: a compilation of girls’ novellas written by Joanna Spyri, the author of Heidi. Mr. Clarkson is a voracious book collector, so this could go on for quite some time. I’m thrilled!

And then, my dear husband came into the kitchen where I was chopping things and said, “You have an email from an agent.” I made him open it while I stood at a safe distance, but not so far that I couldn’t still read the words. She wants to see more! And this is the agent that I thought was the longest shot, one of the agents that only wanted a query and nothing else!

I have to go polish up my synopsis now–she asked for the synopsis and the first fifty pages. Woohoo!


7 thoughts on “Big Day

  1. Mandy,

    You are most gracious to blogroll me! “You like me…you really like me!” Alas, I shall be glad to return the favor. And I and my friends will drop in on you unannounced and raid your refrigerator. Keep the porch light on!


  2. No problem, “Pasture.” (I loved that — I am from Georgia and have lots of little second cousins who I could imagine saying “pastor” just that way!)

    Drop in any time. I’ll stock up on tubes of cookie dough.


  3. It’s a function of age, my young friend, Jamie! ; ) Once I type something, I tend to think I’ve told the whole world. I didn’t realize until reading your comment that I hadn’t filled in the writing group!

  4. Congratulations! I am truly excited for you. God is truly at work in your life… even in the midst of the confusion, waiting, etc.!

  5. Molly –

    I told you all this stuff, didn’t I? Seriously, as I said to Jamie, I really do forget who I’ve said things to. I tend to assume I’ve said it to all the important people, so maybe I just always think I’ve said things to you because I know I should have!

    Also, I’m wary of repeating stories to people when I’ve already shared.

    Sorry! =)


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