Hey, I passed 1,000 hits today.

Which begs the question–how many times is my good friend (almost-brother) Bill checking this site exactly? I know he has cabin fever, but …

(Just teasing, Bill.)

UPDATE: Gulp.  I just reread this and realized it sounds like I got 1,000 hits just today. Now I have to bow my head in humility and explain that I meant 1,000 hits total, since I started this blog. Which leaves me wondering: what’s so exciting about that?


4 thoughts on “Grand

  1. 997…. 998…. 999….

    OOF she caught me. Should I be offended that an ‘almost-brother’ be listed as just a ‘good’ friend…. I guess not, that’s ‘nice.’ 😉

    I have my own theories, but regardless, you should consider yourself certainly influential.

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