What on earth? Part 2

Every time I read or hear another news account about the shootings at Virginia Tech, the number of dead has been revised to a higher number. This morning, I heard “1 dead, 1 injured.” After being at a school function for my daughter for a little over an hour, the radio in the car told me, “16 dead.” By the time I reached home and turned on the tv, it was “22 dead.” And within the next 10 minutes, now they are saying, “32.”

At what point will we cease to be astonished at incidents such as these?


One thought on “What on earth? Part 2

  1. I, quite shamefully, admit to being less than shocked. I think I’m to the point I expect it now. What a sad world we live in that it doesn’t surprise me when a student goes off on a shooting rampage.

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