Here’s why



Looks peaceful, doesn’t it? Well, this might give you a better idea:


Yes, that’s why I was silent for about a day and a half (I’m sure you noticed). We had a spring snow storm that left a lot of beauty behind, but not before it knocked out our DSL service for 36 hours.

You know what, though? I love snow storms, particularly when they interrupt my plans. And here’s why:



We must have spent three hours out in the snow yesterday, making Mr. Snowman and having snowball fights and taking pretty pictures (I have about 15 more but I don’t want to bore you to tears).

I had lots of plans for both Tuesday and Wednesday. I needed to go grocery shopping, desperately. I needed to meet with my photographer friend to finally get a photo of myself for my business website, replacing the current one of my cat (which is oh, so professional). I needed to access the internet to keep up to date with incoming editing assignments. We needed to have potential buyers come in to look at the house so we can finally sell it.

So, how did the snow-induced interruption affect my plans?

Well, we had hardly any food in the house so we ate cornbread and popcorn and drank water one night for supper. The girls were thrilled, especially when we let them put parmesan on their popcorn (at least we could pretend they were still getting a smidgen of protein).

The photographer thing isn’t really a big deal, either. We’ve rescheduled for tomorrow, and maybe now I’ll get to stand in front of a snowy tree.

Good news/bad news: when I finally got back online a few minutes ago, there were no editing assignments waiting for me, so I didn’t miss anything.

And it was kind of nice not to have anyone traipsing through the house. We even got to be a little bit messy since we knew we wouldn’t have any visitors.

So, even though our plans had to change because of the snow, that allowed for spontaneity and levity and forced relaxation. We got kicked off our little hamster wheel, and found it to be a good thing.

Note: in the interest of keeping my girlies safe, I’ve elected to obscure their pretty faces.  I thought Mr. Snowman might appreciate the same consideration. =)


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