Granddaddy’s favorite quotes II

Here’s another quote from Granddaddy’s wall:

“I could live a week on one good compliment.”
-Mark Twain

What about you? Do you get a boost from compliments, or do you shake them off and dwell instead on criticism?

More importantly, when was the last time you complimented someone? I find that I frequently think nice things, but for some reason I don’t say them.  I like the idea, though, of giving someone a boost for a day–or even, perhaps, a week.  Gee, maybe I should start with that guy I brush my teeth next to every night and morning.


3 thoughts on “Granddaddy’s favorite quotes II

  1. Sometimes hearing nice things about myself (or the things I do) is hard for me to accept….I think it’s easier sometimes to take in the criticisms. They feed more into the opinions I have of myself…and I guess in a weird way “validate” the way I see myself…as opposed to compliments which I feel like I don’t deserve. For some reason, a compliment is harder for me to accept….Am I the only one out there who thinks/acts this way? I’d love to brush it off that I’m really just humble….but I can guarantee that’s not it. Why is it so hard to see yourself in a positive light some days?

  2. Helene,

    Well, I can promise you there are at least two of us, so you’re definitely not alone.

    I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to accept compliments, either. When someone compliments me, I find myself qualifying the things they say in my head: “They’re just being nice.” “I’ve fooled them somehow and they don’t see me accurately.” Things like that.

    Perhaps we should practice, Helene, and start complimenting each other regularly until we learn to believe it. Of course, then we’ll become intolerable snobs. =)

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