I’ll stick with these, thanks

Here’s an eye-opening look at CFLs, those nifty curly fluorescent lightbulbs that cost more initially but are purported to save money in the long run, all while saving the planet.

I have felt guilty about not switching from incandescents for so long–but not anymore! I want to be a good steward of the earth God’s given us. Looks like changing bulbs isn’t the best first step in that direction.

2 thoughts on “I’ll stick with these, thanks

  1. How funny. We just put our first curly bulb in today. The light it makes is so orangey that I think we’ll have to take it out of the bathroom.

    I’ve long said that for the difference in cost, I can replace the regular bulbs eight times and still save money. Maybe not the difference in energy cost, but bulb cost, for sure.

    Now I’m rethinking the mercury thing (so says the girl who used to play with it when we broke a thermometer).

  2. I am really confused about the mercury thing, too. My mom and dad always told me how they’d play with it when they were kids. We always used a mercury thermometer in our house. What is intriguing to me is the backing that the bulbs are getting from the very people who are near-hysterical about the dangers of mercury. Weird!

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