A few days later

In my recent post, “Here’s why,” I included photographic evidence of the two snow days we enjoyed earlier this week.  I took the photos on Wednesday afternoon.

Now it’s Saturday, and it’s in the 70s.  About an hour ago, I took these pictures:


These are the very same branches that, in the other photos, were weighed down with so much snow and ice, they hung horizontally on the tree!

As for these tulips and daffodils:


I couldn’t take a photo of them on Wednesday, because they were completely buried under a snow bank.

I absolutely love it here.


2 thoughts on “A few days later

  1. Your trees didn’t die? I guess mine didn’t either, but the leaves certainly did. Thankfully, God had a plan and more sprouted. I wonder if the blower buds on the bushes will re-bud also?

  2. I planted things that are native to my area, so I think that was the key. Plants/trees/shrubs have to be pretty stubborn to live at this altitude (over 7000 feet), with these high winds, with the crazy temperature variations, and the aridity!

    I’ll have to post another photo of the crabapple, since it’s now in full bloom. Too bad there’s no way to digitally transmit the aroma–wow.

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