Good Posture

I don’t have very good posture.  I slump, I lean, I rest on my elbows.  But I’ve been trying to pay closer attention lately, and to pull myself up straight when I realize I’m hunched over.

An interesting side effect: if I do this posture-correction while standing or sitting with my daughters, they notice immediately, grin at me, and pull themselves up, too.  I have always been aware that my daughters pay attention to what I do, and frequently imitate it.  This frightens me to no end on some accounts.  But to have such a tangible, instant example of this principle in action is incredibly humbling.  And it makes me want to work even harder on correcting my posture.

There’s another kind of posture that I’m even more interested in perfecting.  It’s the internal posture that I take when dealing with other people, especially my husband, and when relating to the Lord.

I am a visual person, and I’m addicted to analogies.  So I tend to think in visual analogies when mulling over issues in my life and the lives of my loved ones.   Yesterday, I was thinking about a friend of ours who is in the midst of rejecting his own wife, his daughter, any friends that dare to disagree with his actions, and, in the process, he’s also rejecting the Lord.  He is insistent that he’s justified in all that he’s choosing.  When I think of this friend, which is often, I have a mental image of him standing extremely tall and rigid, his chin raised, his arms folded tightly across his chest.  Ramrod straight, no bending.

He does not bend to his wife’s broken heart.  He does not bend to his daughter’s resentment.  He does not bend to his friends’ encouragement, nor their warnings.  And he will not bend to the words of the Lord.  In my prayers for him, I see him finally breaking his stance and falling to his knees, willing to surrender his will and begin restoration.

I’d like very much to correct my own internal posture as well.  As much as I would love to be ramrod straight and elegant in my external posture, I want to be on my knees internally.  I want to be humble before my Lord, bending my will and my desires to His; I want to be humble before my family, putting their needs before my own; I want to be humble before everyone I come into contact with–less concerned with what they think of me and more interested in blessing them with my listening ear, my encouraging words, and using my gifts to serve them.

I wonder how immediately my daughters would notice the change, and how hard they’d try to imitate it.


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