House Stuff

For those of you keeping track of our house saga, you might be wondering whatever happened to that offer we got last week. (This is where I miss my yahoo smilies, because I would love to insert the eye-rolling guy right here.)

Let’s just say it didn’t work out. The potential buyers were doing 100% financing and wanted us to pay their extremely high closing costs for them, which added insult to the injury of their silly-low offer.

Me: “Um … aren’t we already paying the extremely high realtor fees for the whole deal?!”)

Them, via the realtors: “We want cash in hand to replace the brick around the fireplace with tile.”

(Now, please envision the smily that’s frowning, with one eyebrow raised.)

In case you’re unaware, this house is just shy of one year old. We’ve only lived in it for eleven months. There is nothing functionally or even cosmetically wrong with the brick, these people apparently just have an aversion to brick fireplaces.

Last I checked, we’re not required to pay for someone else’s decorating costs.

Neither are we supposed to pay for their financing issues.


But it’s okay, because more people came by today, and we’re having a very well advertised open house this Saturday (want to come?).

UPDATE: Aha! We just found out that the people that came by yesterday were, in actuality, spies for the aforementioned brick-haters. And the brick-haters went onto our realtor’s website last night and viewed our virtual tour again. Developing …

FINAL (oh, I hope) UPDATE: They made another offer, where they came up in price and down in closing costs, and we said, “Fine!  Whatever!”  No, I’m kidding.  We’ll net about what our realtor thought we would, so we accepted, and it’s a good thing.  And they’ve been preapproved for the loan, so we feel good about it.  Bring out the boxes and Sharpies and tape!

2 thoughts on “House Stuff

  1. oh. my. gosh. (said in teenage speak) who do they think they are? I’ve given insulting low offers before, but I always included with them pre-approval, ability to close quickly, no contingencies, etc, etc. (and I’ve been taken up on those offers, too.)

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