Begging for Boxes


We’re finished with folding all the towels into perfect thirds and painstakingly lining up my daughter Imelda’s Bethany’s shoes in her closet–because we finally sold our house!

I was relieved for about two seconds and then I realized that this means we’re in Phase Two: packing. The only thing I loathe more is Phase Three: unpacking.

A little wrinkle in our packing plans is the fact that, when we moved into this house (eleven months ago), we were certain that we would never move again. Yes, I do realize that there is an enormous difference between “eleven months” and “never.” The point is, we gave away and threw away all of our boxes.

I was sure we were going to have to go beg for apple boxes at the grocery store, or spend money on something that would very soon be garbage (ooh, I hate that). But first, I decided to do a little box begging. I sent out a blast email, and several people responded, so we figured we’d only have to buy a few.

But then!  Then my friend who works for Jenny Craig responded. As she put it, “this is box heaven over here!” They get shipments of food every week (heck, maybe more often than that), and they break the boxes down and recycle them. They were thrilled to have us take them off our hands.  What makes it even better is that, unlike apple boxes, the Jenny Craig boxes come in all different shapes and sizes, so I can use the small ones for cd’s and books and the larger ones for toys, towels, and so on.

Even if you don’t have a friend who works at a Jenny Craig office, I would bet that they’d be happy to make your acquaintance if you gave them a call and offered to empty their store room of cardboard.

Hey, it works for me. Head over to Rocks in My Dryer to see what works for Shannon.


2 thoughts on “Begging for Boxes

  1. Sigh, we are moving too. You are right about the pain of trying to sell, and then the panic of the looming move!

    We don’t have to pack ourselves (company move), but the unpacking….yikes!

    Fortunately we already have a home for our boxes, friends are moving….

    Great tip though! It made me very grateful.

  2. Hi,

    Just a thought — use the towels to cushion breakables. I got this idea from a guy friend when I was single. Makes sense to me! :~)

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