Freddie Again


Yes, that’s him!  Well, it’s a reasonable facsimile, which I happily discovered on EBay this afternoon.

My mom thinks I’m being ridiculous: “when you lose something, you have to let it go!” And I know that, to a degree, she’s right. I do not scramble to replace every little something that goes missing, and there are plenty. But I also know that Freddie is more than a “something” to my little girl, and to my big girl who chose him, and to me. And if I have the opportunity to put a bandaid on the situation, by golly, I’m whipping one out!

I do realize that this “Freddie” will not feel the same, smell the same, or even look exactly the same. But this is the same–gosh, do they call them “models?”–from the same manufacturer (Russ Berrie), and that’s as close as we can get, so we’ll take it.

The girls and I have decided that Freddie just went off for a long stay at a spa, for an extreme doggie makeover.

I originally titled this post “EBay Saves the Day.” How easy it was for me to forget all the fervent prayers I’ve been praying, and wind up crediting some silly website for healing this hurt.

I kept on praying that God would “undo” the loss of Freddie, that He would “undo” all the things I did and didn’t do that led to Freddie’s loss. And He has.

I don’t know why I should be at all surprised. God is the Great Undo-er. The things I most deeply regret–not the little things that have to do with beanie-stuffed animals, but the big ones (otherwise known as sins)–are entirely undo-able when I lay them at His feet. Not in a “this-is-close-enough” way, like our finding the same model of puppy, but entirely and perfectly.


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