Soapy Sink


I hate doing the dishes. More than that, I hate doing dishes that have dried oatmeal/cereal/soup rings/tomato seeds stuck on them. I don’t know about you guys, but I have yet to find a dishwasher or a dishwasher detergent that truly does eliminate the need to rinse the darn things!

Since I also have not found a way to have the dishes never get dirty, nor to just not feed the family for a few days to avoid the chore altogether, I now fill up the sink with hot (really hot) soapy water, first thing in the morning. This requires, of course, that you have a double sink. Or you’d be really irritated for the rest of the day. And a disposal, or you’d be calling the plumber to snake out the gunk.

Anyway, my kids and husband know that when they clear their dishes, they scrape into the trash can, and then gently allow their dishes to sink into the suds. Everything is automatically soaking!

I know it’s a silly tip, but it works for me. Go see what Debra’s tip is for the week.


12 thoughts on “Soapy Sink

  1. The closest thing I’ve ever come to a ‘no need to rinse’ dishwasher product is Cascade Complete. Still, no matter what they say, you do have to do some scraping. And the stuff is bloody expensive! So…I rarely use it. Soaking dishes is a great alternative.

  2. This is a great idea. It works for those of us who don’t have dishwasher as well. You just collect dishes until the sink is full (for us, that would be about lunchtime), then wash them up and start again.

    Now if only I would keep my sink clean enough to actually do this on a regular basis…

  3. Wow! I’ve actually found someone who hates washing the dishes as much as I do! Awesome. The thing with me, though, is that I’m also a little lazy. Those dishes would probably sit in the sink for two days before I put them in the dishwasher. I know. Yuck. It is a good idea for getting the cereal, tomato seeds, etc. off the dishes, though. Thanks for the advice!

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