Books & Bouncing


My older daughter lives for reading, but the little one is a bit too wiggly to sit down with a book for any extended period of time. It’s just too … motionless. So when she says, “Mom, I’m bored!” and I answer with, “Go read a book,” she’s only out of my hair for about five minutes.

Well, I accidentally solved the problem the other day when I bought myself an exercise ball.


She read two books in one … er … bouncing. And this morning, she actually came to me–with the ball in her arms–and said, “Mom, can I read another book?”

Definitely works for me. Check out what works for Shannon!


19 thoughts on “Books & Bouncing

  1. Hey, whatever it takes to get children (or anyone, for that matter, to read). And the “read a book” answer to boredom is something I heard growing up all the time. And now, because of that, I read everything and anything. Shoot, I read manuals for toaster ovens cover to cover. And I love it all!

  2. I had to stop subscribing to TV Guide because I couldn’t have printed material in the house without reading every word, and what passes for articles in TV Guide are a colossal waste of time!

  3. This position is actually really great for active kids – gives sensory feedback and builds muscle tone. Can you tell I have (and need) one for my son?!

  4. Anna —

    I just realized, thanks to your comment, that this could also be the solution to my struggle to get my reading daughter to do something physical!



  5. Oooh, a fellow kinesthetic learner! I’m a lot like that, although because I love computers so much I have learnt to subdue it, but put me in a prayer meeting and I have to walk or fidget, put me in a long sermon and I CANNOT sit still, I have to move in order to absorb what is being taught.

    Read once about a Sunday School teacher who set up book rests on donated exercise bikes for his kinesthetic learners.

  6. Great Tip!

    I think I might try this with my 2nd child, she tends to walk around the house while reading…lol! 🙂

    Rachel xxx

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