Gotta Love Quizzes

ENFJ – “Persuader”. Outstanding leader of groups. Can be aggressive at helping others to be the best that they can be. 2.5% of total population.

Free Jung Word Test (similar to Myers-Briggs)
personality tests by

I always hear that your results for these tests are likely to change over the years. I took this test back in college (about 18 years ago) and scored the same thing. Rut, perhaps?

I like the “helping others be the best…” part (makes sense, since I’m a teacher!), but I’m a little curious about the “aggressive” thing. Does this mean that I force people to be their best? I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing!


2 thoughts on “Gotta Love Quizzes

  1. These tests are designed to produce a consistent result regardless of circumstance. Your result should not change, so it is not surprising that yours did not. I used to be an INTJ and changed to an INTP (I have to double check my last test). I do not know why I changed, becuse it is very uncommon that you change. I am close to the middle on certain scales, so I think I cross the definitional lines occasionally. If you are interested discussing further, I have taken many other tests which have taught me alot about myself and others. I am happy to share.

  2. Hey, Molly —

    Yes, I took a lot of these types of tests in college, probably because of my major (the one designed around bodily fluids–phlegmatic, melancholy, etc.–was interesting!).

    I have always heard that there could be variances as you mature. Not that you’d turn into an entirely different person; and I always assumed the shifts would only be on the borderline categories. Perhaps it also depends on the test.

    I’d love to talk about our test results some time! =)


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