It Really Is the Little Things

I was just clicking through all the photos that are trapped on my digital camera (I packed the USB cord already so I can’t get them onto the computer). All of the current photos are of my littlest daughter (except for the two that she insisted she take of me).

With Pete out of town for work and our older daughter at youth camp, it’s been just Little One and me for the week. This has not been a ton of fun for her, since I’m still up to my elbows in cardboard, tape, and Sharpies. To ease the boredom, I took her on a little outing earlier this week, which thrilled her to no end. And, of course, I took lots of pictures.  This is the extent of what we did, in the span of two full days:

– walked through a garden in a downtown park

– drank lemonade at an old bar & grill (established in 1936)

– swam in an indoor pool at a motel

– ate Mexican food at a local restaurant

– went to a tiny (two room!) dinosaur museum

– visited Santa Claus at a year-round “north pole” park

I cannot count the number of times that Little One leaned over and hugged me and said, “This is fun!” Actually, one time she said, “This was fun,” as if she were already looking forward to looking back at the experience.

We never traveled more than thirty minutes from home. I didn’t spend a ton of money (coupons, baby!). I didn’t even expend a whole lot of effort. But you would have thought that we’d traveled around the world.

The little things, for the little people, really do count.


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