Lani kindly gave me a kick start this morning by tagging me with a meme. The idea is that I’ll answer five random questions that she wrote, and then I’ll write five brand new questions and tag five other bloggers.

Here are Lani’s questions and my answers:

Are you a morning person or an evening person?

I need a third option. I am a sleeping person, so I prefer midday, thank you!

If you had the chance to travel by boat, train AND plane on your next vacation, name the destination you would choose for each of these methods of transportation.

I live in Colorado, so the plane or train would have to come prior to the boat unless I just wanted to make it across my neighbor’s pond. Okay, I believe I would fly to central California (and visit some of my best friends who happen to live there) and take a train to Yosemite (technically, this would also require a little jaunt on an Amtrak bus–do I get extra credit for adding a vehicle?). Then I’d take a kayak through the Yosemite Valley (hey, that’s a kind of boat). Yes, I realize I could have chosen a cruise to Alaska or somewhere in Europe. Perhaps I’d choose something like that if I could take the aforementioned friends with me.

Other than Jesus, which biblical character would you like to meet and why?

Rahab. Hers is such an incredible story of redemption and faith, with very little basis for knowledge. I want to know how she came to trust God so completely when she’d had no means to learn about Him firsthand. And I absolutely love that a redeemed harlot wound up in the ancestral line of Christ.

Do you have any brothers and sisters and if so how many?

I have one sister, Molly, who kindly replies to my posts every now and then.

Do you prefer the beach or the mountains and why?

Well, I left the beach for the mountains last year and I have not missed the beach for a moment. Yes, the ocean is glorious, but my heart is stirred much more by mountains. I don’t know how to explain the reasons.

And, for Scott, Jamie, Debra, Laura, and Shannon (but only if they really want to answer), here are my random questions:

What set your spouse apart and made you choose him or her?

What type of music should someone play for you if his goal is to drive you insane?

Would you rather watch sports at the stadium, or at home in the recliner? (Or never, unless your only other option is to have your toenails pulled out one by one?)

If you could choose any person to mentor you, living or dead, famous or not, who would that be and why?

M & M’s: plain, peanut, almond, crispy, or peanut butter?


5 thoughts on “Memelicious

  1. Mandy! Well done. Rahab is a great choice! Your questions are excellent.

    Thanks for playing along and again, welcome back.

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