My New Addiction

Because I really needed something other than coffee and chocolate and Anne Tyler books and sleep.

Anyway, when we were in California recently, we were hanging out in one of our favorite families’ living rooms, and they had the tv on as we sat around talking. I was confused at first, because all I saw were music videos and an occasional commercial. Since when did MTV get so low-key, and so focused on music?

Well, it’s not MTV, and it’s not VH1. It’s The Tube Music Network and it really works for me! Their tag line is: “Think of it as music television. Only with music.” And they mean it. There are no veejays (anyone old enough to cringe at the memory of Martha Quinn?). No reality shows or game shows. Just music videos, from the 80s, the 90s, and now. Here is a sampling of the artists that I got to see and hear within about an hour yesterday:

John Mellencamp (when he was John Cougar!)

Don Henley

Duran Duran

Big Country (yes, the one-hit wonder! Or was it two?)

Ben Harper

Cold Play

Rod Stewart


Of course, there are times when I have to mute the television (Bjork? No thank you). But it is a thrill to hear some of those old songs, and some really great new ones, all without having to endure all the nastiness and gimmicky stuff of MTV. It certainly makes unpacking boxes a lot less tedious when I can do it with an old Bon Jovi song in the background.

This new addiction works for me. Click here to see what works for Shannon!



7 thoughts on “My New Addiction

  1. Hey there, thanks for the link. The site’s pretty cool.I myself stopped watching music channels a long time back..Can’t stand the jabbering! 🙂

  2. Why thank you! I was thinking: “My that would be freakin’ sweet too bad we don’t have it here.” Flip on over to the site and WE DO! My wife and I were again talking about how VH1 is now all crappy reality shows and MTV should just drop ‘Music’ from their moniker all together.

  3. What a nice, fresh look at things! And I appreciate your list of musical artists and especially your list of Influential People. I share those ideas! ~balladeer-8~

  4. The Digital cable I get has several dozen interesting music only channels. No videos, just music with graphics of the album covers. Each channel is themed and there are quite a few interesting oddities. It’s sort of like having XM.

    I like it a lot.

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