Can’t Keep it a Secret

Okay, I admit that the title is a miserable pun. (Aren’t all puns miserable?) But for this Works for Me Wednesday, I just have to tout the benefits of Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant.

I’m not usually a fan of blogging about bodily functions. So I’m going to keep this short.

Generally, I believe little to no claims in advertising. I rarely try new products because I tend to think their claims are exaggerated and not worth the extra money they usually require. But, in this case, let’s just say I had a personal interest in discovering whether or not this stuff actually works. If you get my point.

And, as you have probably guessed since this is a Works for Me Wednesday post, it truly does work for me! After a couple of weeks of using it–in hot weather, in a non-air-conditioned house, while working my patootie off unpacking boxes–I am surprisingly dry. I would not say that I’m 100% dry, but it is remarkably effective.

The weirdest thing about Secret Clinical Strength is how it’s intended to be applied: at bedtime, and not in the morning, even if you shower in the morning. Skeptic that I am, I ignored this part of the instructions, and it didn’t work all that well. When I dutifully followed directions, though, even though I showered (and shaved!), and did not reapply, the stuff really did its … well … its stuff.

There. That is my first and last (I swear) bodily function post. Truly. Now, quit giggling and head on over to see what works for Shannon.


19 thoughts on “Can’t Keep it a Secret

  1. Too funny – I just saw this featured in my latest issue of Real Simple Magazine and thought to myself “I need to see if this works” and lo and behold – you’ve tested it for me! Thanks! I will have to go and buy some now.

  2. Hi Lazy Organizer and all the other ladies,

    Secret Clinical costs $8 and in some places $9. I use Certain Dri like Lazy Organizer, which is only $5.50 and only needs to be used 2-3 times a week and keeps me absolutely dry. It’s applied at bedtime too. Clinical contains the same ingredient as its sister product Platinum only 1% higher (as you can see I have done my homework because, I too, need this type of product) so for many who really sweat this product doesn’t work.

    Anyway, dollar for dollar I’m sticking with Certain Dri. Also, they’re running a “sweat free shopping spree” sweepstakes to win a $1000 gift card to go shopping, plus a bunch of Certain Dri product.‘t beat that!

    Keep cool and stay dry~

  3. Hey, Nicole –

    I didn’t even know there was another product similar to Secret Clinical Strength–where do you get Certain Dri?

    I could have sworn Secret Clinical was $6 at my store … I wonder if it’s different in different parts of the country.

    Anyway, it worked for me, but if Certain Dri works as well or better and costs less, thank you for letting us know!


    p.s. In case anyone’s wondering, I don’t do ad posts, so I don’t get anything for recommending Clinical Strength. =)

  4. Lana G –

    I realized yesterday, as I was working on my blog and wishing we had an air conditioner (or at least a ceiling fan), that my header was still a photo of snowy mountains. I thought perhaps, since it is July, it might be time to change that.

    The new header is kind of funny to me, because it is actually a photo of my littlest daughter hiding behind the willow at our favorite park in Colorado Springs. I thought it would look a bit odd to have a header with a kid with a blacked-out face (for privacy). So I cropped the photo just below where she’s peeking out. If you look really, really close, at the top of the photo to the left of the tree you will see a teeny little corner of her yellow shirt. (But don’t tell anybody.)

  5. For someone who always has to check to see if she remembered to put her deoderant on this might work for me…if I remember to put it on at night. I like your header, too.

  6. Okay- I’m trying it. They should pay you- I definatly going to get some. I like the idea of putting it on the night before. I’m not crazy about that “deoderant” smell.

  7. Ellen –

    Yeah, I forgot last night (ironic, since I had just written this post!). It still works if I apply it in the morning, but not anywhere close to how it works if I apply it the night before. There’s an explanation in the box as to why the nighttime application works.

    I do think I’ll pick up some Certain Dri too, and do a little comparison.

    Everychapter –

    You can still smell it the next day, but I like the fragrance they use (and I don’t normally like deodorant smells either). Usually I notice the smell when it’s kicking in because I’m huffing boxes up and down the stairs or something.

  8. I’m gonna throw a wet armpit in here, ladies, because there are links between applying chemicals to your pits everyday and breast cancer. Also sweating is healthy for your body, it gets rid of impurities that need to get out of your body and not be stopped up inside by chemical deodorants. That’s what your skin (largest body organ) is for, right? I know this is simplistic (deodorant=cancer) but there are so many chemicals we are exposed to everyday that we can’t control, why add one more- because society says so? You’re working hard- sweat proudly!

  9. There are definitely a few instances where Certain Dri is absolutely necessary, but it’s definitely not meant to be used regularly. I use it the nights before I know I’m wearing something that will show perspiration and, especially, for really special occasions like weddings. It has saved me from being an overly self-conscious bridesmaid on several occasions!

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