Not Sure What to Think …

Our oldest daughter underwent some tests at the doctor last week, which were supposed to pinpoint the cause of some recurrent headaches and fevers she was having a few weeks ago (they’re gone now; I have been hoping they were caused by her four simultaneously erupting molars–ouch!).

Tonight, at about six o’clock, I listened to a voice mail message from about an hour before, from Emma’s pediatrician. Yes, the doctor herself made the call. The message went something like this:

“I’m sorry that I missed you. I will be going out of town tomorrow to a conference, and I was really hoping to go over these results with you, to talk about where we go from here. I hope Emma is feeling well. I’ll leave the results and my notes with my nurse practitioner, so you can speak with her tomorrow.”

Okay. “Where we go from here?” That phrase does not make me happy. I am not panicking by any means, because I am well aware that she could just be referring to future tests, since these latest didn’t show anything conclusive. But still …

I’d love your prayers.

UPDATE:  I just talked to the nurse practitioner.  Like most test results, these have begotten more tests!  There were some indications of fluid around her lungs, as well as some numbers that could indicate rheumatoid arthritis.  We have to wait now for referrals to a pulmonologist and a rheumatologist.  I am trying to decide whether we need to talk to my easily-panicked daughter about everything.  Keep on praying, my friends.


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