What’s Happening to Me?

I am excited about a hamper.  I bought a new one for our new house–one of those sea grass ones with a metal frame, three compartments, and removable liners.  I’m nearly giddy over the concept that I’ll have presorted clothes.

Two of my favorite Christmas presents last year were a Le Creuset pepper pot and a potato ricer. That’s right. Pots and pans.

Looks like a done deal:  I’m a thoroughly domesticated old lady.

But you know what?  I’m okay with that.   It’s a pleasant thing to be easily pleased.


2 thoughts on “What’s Happening to Me?

  1. I so get this! One Christmas I asked for a Kitchenaid Mixer. My MIL didn’t believe me. She kept asking Brent, “Does she really?” Hello! Yes! When I asked for a vacuum, she again doubted. Why on earth would I want yet another sweater that I will wear twice when I could have a vacuum that I’d use daily? Yep. Domesticated old lady.

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