Quick and Easy Meatballs


Here’s a really simple tip to make dinner time a little easier (and we all want that, don’t we?): when you’re making meatballs, you don’t have to scoop them out and roll them one by one. For one thing, it takes forever. For another, I always wind up with meatballs of different sizes which bothers me to no end. Hey, it’s not about cosmetics–they don’t cook evenly!

A few years ago, I came up with a solution. I mix the seasonings in with the meat and then turn the mixture out onto a sheet of wax paper. I shape the whole mess into a large, flat rectangle, which I score with a table knife until I have a reasonably even grid. Then I cut through the scoring, leaving me with lots of little squares. Now, all I have to do is squish each square in my palms for a second or two, and they turn into perfect little balls.

Taking it one step further, since it’s so quick, I like to make triple batches and divide them into freezer bags (this works best if you first lay the meatballs out on a cookie sheet, making sure that they’re not touching, and let them freeze a little–that way, they won’t stick to each other once they’re in the bag). If I use seasonings that are basic enough (salt, pepper, garlic powder, minced onions …), then I can use the different batches of meatballs for completely different meals. Spaghetti and meatballs, of course, but also cocktail meatballs for a pot luck, or Italian wedding soup.

Works for me! Check out what works for Shannon.

(This tip also works for shaped cookies, such as Pete’s favorites: Snickerdoodles.)



12 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Meatballs

  1. For me, it IS about the cosmetics! Never thought of the grid–great idea! I bake meatballs in the oven (25 minutes at 350) on a foil-lined baking sheet instead of frying–no mess!

  2. I bake them, too! I hate frying. The stove is messy enough without a fine layer of grease settling all over everything. Not to mention the oil splatter on my clothing which I can never get out.

  3. ooh…you are brilliant. That is one tip I’ll be using…today, actually. I have spaghetti and meatballs on the menu. Hamburger’s defrosting now. Thanks!

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