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On a news program this morning, I heard a defense lawyer proclaiming that Michael Vick will undoubtedly “recover” from his current woes. I don’t recall every word verbatim, but the gist of it was this: “Michael Vick has lots of loyal fans.  Atlanta loves him.  Football fans love him.  They’ll forgive him and he’ll be back on the field by next season.”

Well, I beg to differ.  And, as a Georgia girl (an Atlanta one, specifically) as well as a huge football fan, I think my vote counts.   As a matter of fact, Michael Vick headed up my fantasy football team last year, taking me to a third place finish in my league.  And I happen to care very much about the character of my players.  The guys in the league (I’m the only estrogen-bearing team owner) all laughed at my philosophy the first year: no jerks on my team, thank you.  That rules out Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and Chad Johnson, to name a few.  To hammer the point home, I named the team the Mama’s Boys.  And the guys quit laughing when I won that first season.

Obviously, I don’t have a say about who the Falcons put on the field at the Georgia Dome.  But he won’t be on the Mama’s Boys’ virtual field, no matter when he returns.


5 thoughts on “Not Me

  1. Preach it sister! As a sports lover myself – I love that you had Mama’s Boys for your fantasy team!

    I am so looking forward to football and sad that baseball will soon be over.

    I have a real hard time getting into basketball because of the bad boy image.

  2. I agree 100%–Character MATTERS!!!! What leaders (political, social, sports, business) don’t seem to get is that the rest of the world looks to them as “role models.” When the character of a leader is in the trash, it sends a message to his/her followers that trashy activity is acceptable. Some famous person once said “with great power comes great responsibility.” (Okay so it was Spider-man’s Aunt that said that–but it is still true).

    I agree with Lana–I have all but quit watching the NBA for the same reason.


  3. Basketball is actually my favorite sport–which, of course, makes me especially ill about the recent gambling brouhaha. Digusting.

    And I am no fan of characters with no character, like Allen Iverson or Carmelo Anthony or the perpetual diva, Reggie Miller.

    However, there are quite a few NBA gems: Grant Hill (when he’s off the bench), Dwight Howard, Juwan Howard (no relation), Darrell Armstrong, Vlade Divac, Ray Allen, Tim Duncan, Gary “Big Dog” Robinson, Steve Nash … not to mention the stellar NBA retirees David Robinson, Michael Jordan, and John Stockton.

    I personally think that basketball does not have a greater percentage of bad boys than the NFL (note that I am leaving out baseball in this comparison). I do believe that the higher-ups in the NBA do less about the problems, letting them push the limits a lot more without consequences.

    Want to know an interesting statistic? Not sure if it’s still true, but I read a few years ago that, out of all pro athletes, hockey players have the lowest incidence of domestic abuse. I guess they get all their aggression out on the ice.

  4. In any case, they are all on drugs. Pick your favorite steroid, amphetamine and cortcoid freak. Cow blood transfusions featured in Le Tour and in X-Cpunty skiing.

    WWE = MLB, NBA, NFL, Olympics and TDF

    All doped out with ESPN-Disney, Nike to write the scripts.

    George Mitchell knows his steroid cover stories.

  5. I think Vick has more to worry about than forgiveness from his fans. Here an excerpt from an editorial in today’s Albuquerque Tribune:

    “Three of his acquaintances already cut their own deals and told the feds most of what they know about the goings-on at “Bad Newz Kennels,” leaving Vick to fend for himself. He faces a $250,000 fine and a year in jail if he pleads guilty, and as many as five years if he fights the charges in court and loses. And that’s assuming he can avoid state charges in Virginia and that the federal grand jury that convenes today doesn’t add racketeering charges, either of which would raise the stakes considerably.

    On top of that, the Falcons could decide to go after some or all of the $22 million in signing-bonus money Vick already pocketed to cover the final three years left on his contract.”

    Here’s the whole article:

    Vick also stands to lose millions in sponsorship/spokesperson income.

    This is truly the case of a short-sighted athlete. Worse than Kobe Bryant for cheating on his wife or Daunte Culpepper’s involvement in the “boat” scandal in Minnesota. People just don’t forget when you mistreat animals to this extent.

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