WFMW: Mike Huckabee


Mike Huckabee is the only presidential candidate, as near as I can tell, that has the principles, the intelligence, and the personality to truly deserve the Republican nomination for 2008.

I realize this is not a typical Works for Me Wednesday post, like the usual parenting or practical tips, but Mike Huckabee really does work for me!

Take a peek at Rocks in My Dryer to see what works for Shannon.


11 thoughts on “WFMW: Mike Huckabee

  1. I’ve really loved what I’ve read and what I’ve seen in interviews with him. I know if he makes it to the California primary I will be voting for him!

  2. He seems like a really nice guy, and I like his politics…but “President Huckabee?!!” I’m gonna have a hard time with that one! But I’d rather have a “funny” name for the president than another President Clinton!

  3. Princess Leia,

    Having grown up in the south, I have a special fondness for the name Huckabee. My girls’ pediatrician in California was a native Georgian named Grady Huckaby, and I was so tickled to find a true southerner with a true southern name in The O.C.!

    It does have a jaunty ring to it, so I see your point.


  4. What do you make of the recent buzz about GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee?

    1. Much ado about nothing;

    2. A result of the lack of conservative candidates;

    3. A promising boost to a potentially successful campaign; or

    4. The beginning of Huckabee’s rise to the White House


  5. As a former Arkansan, I absolutely love Mike Huckabee. I would adore it if he went to the White House. He would be just what this country needs. And he really stands on his morals and behind his beliefs. I will vote for him in a heartbeat.


  6. On my own blog today (August 27, 2007 at, I offer some good advice to Gov. Huckabee on how he can advance his standing in the race for the Republican nomination and the presidency. I’d love to hear your comments (and get your support for my suggestions). Thanks.

    steve maloney
    ambridge, pa
    national coordinating team Palin 4 VP

    MANY supporters of Mike Huckabee are also support Gov. Sarah Palin for the number-two spot. Would love to have you on board.

  7. As an Arkansan that has had personal dealings with the Huckabee family, I can tell you one thing: they are really nice folks.

    I have really enjoyed watching him get the public recognition and still keeping his values in check. I am impressed with the way he “sticks to his guns” on almost every issue. He is not allowing folks to sway his attitudes and opinions too far from how he has always portrayed them.

    That being said, I will not be voting for him. I don’t particularly agree with his views. Nice guy, however. I DO think that he would bring a bit of “southern class” to the office (instead of the “fratboy party” atmosphere that we are currently experiencing)!

  8. I saw him on Colbert last week (I think it was a repeat). He seems to have his stuff together. I just hope he can shed the reputation of another “former Arkansas governor” who once held the office.

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