For Better or Worse, Pregnant

One of the nifty things about WordPress is that I can see what search engine terms have led people to this blog. Sometimes the terms are obvious (“Mike Huckabee,” “encourage my husband,” “easy meatballs”). Other times, they’re just plain weird (“deodorant gift?” Please, people, don’t give each other deodorant for a gift!).

Last week, one search engine term really captured my attention. “For better or worse, pregnant.”

Several questions popped immediately to mind, fighting for space in my brain.

1. Was the searcher the pregnant woman, or her spouse?

2. Was the searcher looking for ammunition to prove that, as a couple, they really did need to stick it out, through hormones and weight gain and swollen ankles and leg cramps?

3.  Or was the searcher looking for an escape clause?  Did he/she expect to find a site that argued that the “worse” of pregnancy is beyond the scope of those blissfully ignorant wedding day vows?

4.  Are these people okay?  Seriously, I am concerned.  So, in case one or both of the people in this couple winds up returning to this site, here is an open letter to them.

Dear “For Better or Worse, Pregnant,”

I don’t know if you planned to get pregnant or not, or if you’re both happy about it or not.  I don’t know anything about your situation personally.  But I do know this: pregnancy is a roller coaster ride.  It’s kind of like marriage on overdrive.  She’s cranky.  He’s trying to help but doesn’t know how.  You have to extend to each other heaping measures of patience, mercy, forgiveness, and unconditional love.  The pregnancy itself will last just a little while (yes, I know that it seems eternal.  It’s not.).  The marriage is designed to last forever.

Take care of each other during this difficult time, and you’ll be that much stronger, that much more prepared to care for the little one that is bound and determined to get here, on his or her own special little deadline.  When that happens, you will need even more patience and mercy and forgiveness and unconditional love, so my advice is to get lots of practice while you still can.  It really is worth it.

God bless you.


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