WFMW “Brand Loyal” Edition: Lysol

I’m cynical. I rarely ever believe a product’s claims. But I always believe Lysol. Lots of cleansers don’t accomplish much more than a spray bottle of water and a whole lot of elbow grease would. But Lysol rocks! And smells good, too.

And I realize this is a decidedly non-thrilling post. And for that I apologize. But Lysol works for me!

Click here to see what brands work for Shannon.


8 thoughts on “WFMW “Brand Loyal” Edition: Lysol

  1. Nikki –

    I mean anything Lysol makes–I trust the brand name as a whole. I don’t know that I’ve tried every product they make, but every Lysol product I have tried has done exactly what it promises to do!

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