Ever have one of those days when you have lots of stuff in the fridge and pantry, but no clue how to put them together? Hmm… shall we have ricotta cheese and mushrooms? Or scrambled eggs and garbanzo beans?

I recommend You can browse through the pages at random, or you can click on “More Searches” and do an ingredient search: type in several ingredients that you have on hand (and specify ingredients you want to avoid–like anchovies). Click “go!” and in a matter of seconds, you’ll have oodles of ways to use up that jar of artichoke hearts and the can of pureed pumpkin from last Thanksgiving. Preferably not in the same recipe.

If you want to be a regular, you can register and set up a virtual “recipe box” with recipes from the site that you’ve already tried. You can leave it all virtual, or you can print them out. (They even let you choose full sheet, or 3×5 or 4×6!)

If those aren’t enough options for you, you can also scale the recipes up and down. Let’s say you’d like to serve gazpacho to 400, but the recipe you’ve found only serves 6. Just put in the number you want to serve, and the recipe will be recalculated for you!

But the best part about the site is the reviews and comments. First, they help to weed out the not-so-great recipes (I never even look at a recipe that’s only averaged three stars). And the reviews almost always have ideas from people who’ve tried the recipe–suggestions to make the recipe better, or lower in fat or calories. (Sometimes this is good for a laugh, too–reviews that say things like, “I loved this recipe! I happened not to have pork on hand, so I substituted ground buffalo. I also used half the salt and twice the creamed corn and I pureed the tomatoes instead of chopping them and I boiled everything rather than frying. What a great recipe!”)

Works for me, when my cookbooks aren’t cuttin’ it. Click here to see what works for Shannon.

17 thoughts on “WFMW:

  1. Oh, I love this site too! And my favorites are those when they totally change the recipe, then say it wasn’t that good. I mean, hello! You didn’t make that recipe – the recipe you are complaining about is all your own creation, people! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I know!

    “Well, I didn’t have heavy cream for the sauce, so I used nonfat milk. Anyway, I didn’t like this recipe — the sauce wasn’t thick enough, it was thin and kind of watery.”
    Silly people!


  3. I’ve been to their site, but never noticed the feature you are talking about. That is so cool! Often I’ll buy things on sale and watch them sit in my pantry with no clue how to put them to use. Some weeks I think, “We have too much food in our inventory.” I’m definitely going to check this out. Thanks for the tip!

  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! “What’s for dinner?” Is the annoying debate of the day at my house. And it feels like we always have the same 6 things and just rotate. I’m very excited about this new website!!!

  5. I’m glad a lot of you have heard of it, and even more pleased that some of you hadn’t!

    Karen, I only discovered that feature a few months ago, and I’m addicted to it now.

    Laane, Good luck to your son!

    Ann, I’m rooting for you. I totally understand the rotation thing–how many times can we have roast chicken, anyway?!

  6. I love allrecipes as well. I especially love the fact that there are reviews that let me know if they are really good or not. Thanks for sharing about the ingredient search. I didn’t realize they had one! Blessings to you!

  7. I use allrecipes all the time! I use the ingredient search quite a bit. I also appreciate the ratings and reviews…I especially like when they note any adjustments they made to the recipe. 🙂

  8. Almost every other site I came across was out there to charge big bucks for day-to-day routine recipes. Their ebooks were priced at 20$ or more.

    I stumbled upon and as the name sounds, I got all the recipes FREE!!!

    I’m really excited about this site. Besides the main site having all the free recipes, they also have an ebook store. The ebooks featured on this site are very very cheap, all in the range of 2 to 5 dollars.

    Whether you are a Homemaker (like me), a Mom, a student, a cooking teacher, an expert Chef or just about anybody who needs Yummy Recipes for Healthy food, this is the site to be at. As it says on the site, they add new recipes on the site daily. The site has over 50,000 recipes for meat, vegeterian, country specific recipes, cake & confectionaries, spices, soups, canned & packaged food, dairy, american/filipino/mexican/chinese/asian/indian food – anything that I could imagine I could find it on the site and you will find it too.

    Try their ebook store at

    You really won’t be disappointed with their ebook store. They have ebooks in all categories and are priced SO CHEAP!! I purchased the ebooks in bulk and was very satisified with their service.

    The site also has frequent Give-Aways and gifts so keep you eyes on the site and check regularly.

    Way to go!! I just cannot live without it now!!

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