Still Learning

I happily placed the oatmeal in my shopping cart.  I’d been buying maple and brown sugar for a couple of weeks straight, so I was sure Pete would enjoy this new flavor: cinnamon roll.

A few weeks before, I’d changed to an organic brand.  It wasn’t a big hit.

And a few weeks before that, I thought I’d try the store brand to see if we could save some money.  Pete likes to save money.

The morning after my cinnamon-roll oatmeal purchase, I slouched into the kitchen to retrieve my medicine coffee.  I found Pete standing at the pantry with the new box of oatmeal in his hands.  He looked over at me with those melty brown eyes and gave me a small, sweet smile.

“Um,” he said.  “Is there a reason you keep switching my oatmeal?”

You see, in my zeal to provide variety, I forgot a very important thing: my beloved hates variety.  He is a naturally content, easygoing person, so he does not need–nor does he welcome–changes and surprises.  He likes consistency.  Predictability (begging the question: how did I wind up being his choice for lifelong companion?  I confuse and surprise myself on a regular basis!).

I had the best of intentions in switching his oatmeal, but I was looking through the Mandy lens, not the Pete lens, so I wound up doing something that would please me, not him.

Fortunately, Pete did like the cinnamon roll stuff.  But he also–very politely–requested that I go back four selections to the oatmeal I bought about three months ago.  Which I will happily do.

And then I’ll pick up a box of that new cereal I’ve been wanting to try.


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