Dieting Irritations

I realize that cutting back on calories and getting up early to exercise makes me more irritable than usual.  Perhaps that’s why it’s been relatively simple for me to make the following list of fitness-specific irritants.

1.  Perky people on exercise videos.  I’ve only been able to handle my Tae-Bo video one time, and it’s not because of how hard it is (and it is!).  It’s because of the incredibly obnoxious people lined up behind Billy Blanks who will not quit whooping and hollering throughout the entire forty-five minutes.  Come on, people.  I’m sure it’s fun to be on tv, but settle down.  It’s 5:30 in the morning and I’m not in the mood for virtual high-fives.

2.   Exercise video instructors who talk down to the audience.  We’re not in preschool, so don’t talk to me like we are.  My extra-special pet peeve: “Do one more for me.”  For you?  Why, exactly?  I don’t know you, you can’t see me, and I have no particular affection for you that would be some magic source of inspiration to continue.  In fact, though you don’t know it, I’m cursing you quite a bit by the time you’re insisting on “one more.”  Because I kind of hate you.

3.  Losing weight and firming up in all areas other than my problem areas.  After six pounds, my pants are only marginally looser, but my collarbone and wristbones are remarkably toned.  I’m not even kidding.  I never had any self-conscious thoughts about fat wrists or a chubby collarbone, but apparently the Weight Fairies thought they needed some work.  I didn’t even know my collarbone extended that far toward my shoulders, and I didn’t particularly care.  Still don’t.

4.  Salads at restaurants that have more fat and calories than the double cheeseburger.  Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but when they pile on croutons or fried tortilla strips, three kinds of cheese, bacon, and egg, I don’t think that’s a healthy alternative.  Can’t they just put some raw vegetables and a few pieces of grilled chicken on a plate and let me go from there?  (Yes, I ask for customizations, but I wish I didn’t have to.)

Feel free to add your own fitness pet peeves in the comment section.  Griping loves company.


7 thoughts on “Dieting Irritations

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  2. When individuals gripe about my likings for Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles or white bread, whilst they are chomping down on a cheesey dripping with grease pastrami, soda, and fries and asking if I want to go out for ice cream.

    Individuals who nearly cause accidents for a closer spot in the parking lot on their way to the gym.

    anyone with a high metabolism who get to eat as much as and anything they wish.


    ok, I will stop there.

    oh wait, one more, Advertising which shows the perceived quintessential “body standard”.

  3. I’m hearing you. The first place that gets loosened up on me is my fingers. Fingers. If I have one small feature at all it is my hands, so that’s really not the place I need to be losing weight. I can never figure that out.

  4. Like Bill, I wish I had the gutz to speak up when having lunch with my friends and our kids at Johnny Rockets and they look at me shocked, then exclaim, “A milkshake for lunch? Oh, THAT’s healthy!” Yes, as a matter of fact it is!! Much healthier than the fried chicken nuggets, french fries and grilled cheeses your making your children eat… (chased down the organic boxed juices you pulled out of your diaper bags). I told them to leave off the whipped cream, after all 😉

    My fitness pet-peeve:
    Running on the treadmill with a nearly 3 yr old yelling “GETOFFGETOFFGETOFFGETOFFGETOFFGETOFF!!!!”
    …waking the baby.

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