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One of my good friends and fellow Huckabee supporters sent me this in an email today:

“I just saw the latest Rasmussen Poll and they show M.H. at 18% in Iowa, which is a virtual tie with Fred Thompson (whose campaign seems to be plummeting nationally) for 2nd and ahead of Rudy by several points. If M.H. could come in 2nd or even win Iowa, he might have a real shot at the nomination. At this point he is the only conservative Christian who has a chance so I am for him.  Contrary to what a lot of Christian leaders think, if he is the nominee, he will have a real strong chance to beat the Democrat. He can explain conservative positions in a caring way and he doesn’t forget large sectors of the electorate too many Republicans forget (i.e. minorities and the poor). If after 8 years of George Bush any evangelical has a chance to win, I think Huck could pull it off.”

He included these quotes, which he didn’t attribute, so we’ll have to call them anonymous:

“With Fred Thompson‘s numbers on a steady decline, it’s only a matter of time before Huckabee jumps in to second place and starts nipping at the heels of front runner Mitt Romney. According to Dick Morris, some trial heats in Iowa have shown Huckabee in FIRST place, ahead of Mitt Romney. According to the latest Rasmussen poll, Huckabee is now only one point away from John Mccain nationally.”

“If he (Huck) wins, he just might lock up the Evangelicals and southern conservatives and run clear to the nomination, or at least earn himself a one-on-one fight with Rudy on Feb. 5th.”

Now if the news programs would just start mentioning his name instead of thinking it’s all about the Big Four (Romney, Giuliani, McCain, Thompson).


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