Neglecting My Father

If I take a few days off from exercising, I can tell in the way I feel: droopy and discontented. If I go much longer than that, and add in a few extra calories while I’m at it, I can tell in the way my jeans feel: snug and uncomfortable.

If I neglect balancing my checkbook, the consequences are concrete: I wind up spending extra time frowning over the calculator and muttering unmentionable things under my breath.

If I neglect the family budget, it becomes obvious pretty quickly, too.

But if I neglect my time with my Heavenly Father, the consequences don’t seem as obvious. I know that I’m cranky and discontented and not as able to handle life’s craziness, but for some reason, I fail to attribute all of these symptoms to the cause: detachment from the One who created me, sought me out, redeemed me, and loves me.

He is the ultimate Gentleman, so He does not push me. He faithfully waits for me to come to Him. I hope and pray that I’ll become more aware of that quiet, insistent presence, and the wellspring of life that He offers.


One thought on “Neglecting My Father

  1. Great of you to post this, Mandy! Ah, the “ultimate Gentleman”…yes indeed! I have found the same: not a miffed sourpuss but an eagerly waiting Friend and Father. Blessings to you and yours…

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