Hi Ho, Hi Ho

It’s off to a wedding we go.

Or went, actually.  Sticking to my commitment to not tell the blogosphere that we’re going to be out of town until we’re already back, I didn’t post about my cousin’s impending wedding, but I can post about it now.

This was my last cousin to walk down the aisle.  Or, in his case, walk out the side door and wait for his bride to walk down the aisle.  For the first time since anyone could recall, every single living member of the family was there (and the nonliving ones were fondly discussed and remembered).  At any rate, it was a great party.  Great music, romantic sentiments, raucous laughter and incredible food (we’re southern, remember).

Some of the best moments were in the hours leading up to the wedding, when we were just hanging out together as a family.  Some of us were in the hotel lobby watching football games; some were by the indoor pool, supervising kiddos and reminiscing.

One of the most interesting things for me as an adult is to get to know the spouses of all of my cousins.  It is fascinating to see the differences, and to see how the spouses blend in seamlessly with everyone else.

My three oldest cousins, a set of brothers, is the perfect example.  They have always been totally different from each other, so the differences in their wives is no huge mystery.  The crazy youngest brother has a strong, keenly intelligent, hilarious wife.  The quieter middle brother has a lovely, conservative wife who takes her mothering extremely seriously.  And the oldest, always grinning and teasing brother has a wife with a marvelous sense of humor and a passion for sports that rivals any man’s.  When we all get together–the six of them, Pete and me, and my sister–it is loud and fun and my stomach and cheeks hurt after about 30 minutes from all the laughing.  (At this trip, the boys decided to nickname Pete.  We have no idea why, but they’re calling him “Tex.”  That should be exceedingly hilarious for my readers who know Pete.)

This weekend’s wedding was the joining of one of my younger cousins–a fiercely loyal friend and brother–to a lovely, graceful, generous young woman who could not be a better match.  She will fit in perfectly with her fun-loving brother-in-law and his easy-going wife; and, yes, even her hippie, once-vegan sister-in-law and her mild-mannered husband.

I would love to actually have a point with this post.  Perhaps I will come up with one at a later date and link back.  For now, I’m just enjoying the afterglow of time with family, celebrating a happy, romantic occasion.

Now I have to fit in an extra workout because of all the aforementioned incredible food.


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