Out of the Game

Observant visitors might have noticed that I took down my “I Like Mike” banner in the sidebar today. I have emailed the campaign as well, letting them know that they should remove me from their blogroll.

I removed the banner for two reasons:

1. I am not as certain as I once was that I support Mike Huckabee.

2. I never meant to write a political blog in the first place.

Because of #2, I won’t get into the details of #1. But for my parting shot, here is a list of my top three candidates, in order of personal preference–which does not necessarily match the order of their chances of getting nominated.

1. Duncan Hunter

2. Fred Thompson

3. John McCain


3 thoughts on “Out of the Game

  1. I’m going to take a wild guess – it was the SNL appearance, right?

    You know, Huckabee first came to my attention with the Chuck Norris commercial. I was amused at the time, and figured it was probably attention-getting, but that it not only didn’t really tell people much about him – it also made him look not very serious.

    Yet the next time I watched a GOP debate (channel surfing -with no real intention of staying), he was on and I decided to listen for a minute. I ended up watching the rest of the debate even though I generally can’t stand those things.
    I am now a solid Huckabee supporter.

    The SNL thing was only vaguely amusing to me (I dislike the show & only watched the clip), and I thought its ending was kind of flat – but it still got people’s attention
    Not only was it the best rating that SNL has had in 2 years, but the donations at mikehuckabee.com spiked right after the show.

    Huckabee has been struggling to get his message out to a public that is being manipulated by the media to think that he is out of it. He needed something to get people’s attention that he wasn’t out of the race & this worked. Hopefully, it will lead people to further ask why he is staying in the race since the mathematical impossibility things was obviously a farce. (If it doesn’t, then it’s not like he would be any worse off for trying) Seems a pretty clever way to deal with a virtual media blackout.

    As for the contention that Huckabee is not serious enough, only someone who is unaware of the sacrifices that he & his family & his supporters are making (or perhaps more likely, who thinks that Huckabee is somehow unaware) could make such a remark & then turn around & bring up the lackadaisically unmotivated Fred Thompson as one of the better alternatives?


  2. QuoVadis –

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    A couple of clarifications:

    – I wrote this post back in December, so it certainly was not a reaction to his recent SNL appearance. I don’t watch SNL anyway (I prefer sleeping at that hour of the night!).

    – I didn’t say a thing about Mike Huckabee’s lack of seriousness. In fact, I didn’t say anything about my reasons for ceasing to back his candidacy. So I’m a bit confused about your last paragraph as a whole.

    – One of my principal reasons for taking the banner down was to avoid dragging this blog into the political arena, which I realized would be inevitable if I chose to advertise any candidates on this site. So, even if I were still backing Huck, I would have taken the banner down. I’d like to keep my political leanings personal from here on out.

    Thanks again for your candid comments.


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