Stepping Down

If you have followed this blog at all, you’ll have noticed the recent sudden drop in new posts. You’ll also recall that I’ve posted a few times about my struggle to balance blogging with wifing and parenting and home schooling and writing and teaching high school.

I have never been a gifted multi-tasker. As a result, I have lately felt very much like over-pulled taffy. I’m stretched in so many different directions, I am virtually useless in all of them.

In addition, I have found that I am a groovy writer. Which means that I get into very deep grooves in my writing habits and find it difficult to jump between them. When I am in a nonfiction (bloggy) groove, it is nearly impossible for me to jump out of that, into a fiction groove. Which makes any attempt at working on my second novel extremely frustrating.

So I have decided that I cannot continue to update this blog with any regularity. I will not delete it since I find that I still get several hits from search engines each day. I will update the Book Review page as I find new books that deserve a recommendation. And I will happily let you know whenever I have a new article out (like the one in the current issue of Marriage Partnership Magazine), or if I ever wind up with my own book on a bookshelf near you.

As for blogging, I have been invited to be a guest author and editor on, where I will post articles on marriage approximately once per month. I hope you’ll check it out.

Thank you for your readership, whether you’ve been here once in your life, once a week, or once a day.


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