So Far This Morning …

I woke to a misty sky and snow-covered ground, though it was in the 60s just yesterday.

Once the sun had made its way through the haze, brightening the trees and tinting our dirt road yellow, the snow began to melt and disappear.

Before it had gone completely, more snow was falling.

The sun eventually turned the snow to rain, but the cold air fought back and turned the rain to sleet.

And now, as I write this, the sun has pushed back once again, and even the rain drops are fading.

I’ve only been up for three hours.

It’s intriguing to me that I can so thoroughly enjoy — even be thrilled by — the unpredictability of the weather here at the foot of the mountains. And yet I cannot seem to handle the slightest surprise in my daily routine.

Perhaps I should begin to look at my circumstances as snow, rain, sun, and sleet. Maybe then I’d enjoy the ride.


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