I’m in Love with a Pedometer (WFMW)

I knew I wasn’t an especially active person. I work out of my home for the most part, and much of my time is spent in a chair, staring at the computer (like now). But it wasn’t until I clipped a rather small, benign-looking gadget to my hip that I realized how sedentary I really am.

According to several articles, including this one, a sedentary person walks an average of 1,000 to 3,000 per day. On my first pedometer-laden day, I barely passed 1,200. And that was on a day that I thought I was busy! Pitiful.

So I decided to push it to 5,000. I did a lot of useless pacing. I stood up and walked around the room every time I waited for a website to load (which takes a bit of time since we don’t have DSL). Little things like that. I only made it to 3,000.

The next day, I vacuumed. Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a slob. But you might. So vacuuming is not necessarily a regular habit in this house. I also did an extra load or two of laundry. And I went around the house decluttering a few times that day. I reached (passed!) 5,000 steps, and my house was cleaner than it typically is, unless company’s coming.

Hm. Perhaps I was onto something.

This past week, I increased my goal to 10,000 steps per day, which is the recommended average for maximum health benefit and weight loss. The sheets on all the beds in the house are fresh. The sheets I removed have been laundered and put away, rather than crammed in the hamper for some magical future day when I have extra time. The hard floors have been mopped. There is virtually no clutter anywhere in the house, and the kitchen counters are confused, wondering why all their dirty dish friends have been cutting their visits so short.

Still, all that activity only gets me to about 8,000 steps. So, in the afternoons, when I have the news on, or the girls want me to watch a movie with them, I walk. It annoyed the girls at first, but they’re getting used to it. I walk back and forth behind the sofa, where I am still able to pay attention to whatever’s on the tube but I don’t get in anyone’s way. Yesterday, I knocked off 2,500 steps this way, just walking during the last few minutes of Meet the Robinsons, which the girls have been wanting me to see.

Guess what I normally do when I’m watching tv in the afternoon. I eat. Being notoriously bad at multi-tasking, there is no way I could handle watching, walking and eating. So, without much effort, I have eliminated a few hundred extra calories from my day. Not to mention what I’m burning with all that walking (roughly 300 calories per day when I hit 10,000 steps).

And one more thing: when I run errands, I walk up and down every single aisle now, since it adds hundreds of steps and not much extra time. Side effect? I remember to pick up things that I forgot to put on my list, just because I happen to walk right by them!

My pedometer really works for me. It keeps me moving, it keeps my house clean, it keeps me from mindlessly stuffing my face, and it even keeps my pantry stocked.

Click here to see what works for Shannon!  (Hers is a healthy tip this week, too.)


16 thoughts on “I’m in Love with a Pedometer (WFMW)

  1. This is just the post that I needed to read tonight. I am stuck in the muck! I am sitting in front of the TV stuffing my face while the laundry and dishes pile up and I am gaining weight. I do have a pedometer sitting on the counter! I am going to take your advice and use it tomorrow. Maybe Hubs won’t complain about a messy house after work tomorrow!

  2. Hey I heard you were back – I’m so glad 🙂 I am so inspired to get a pedometer, I’m going to google it right now to see where I can get one 🙂

  3. Vacuuming isn’t a regular thing at your house either?! Oh I think I love you 🙂 We must be related.

    I too have been wearing my pedometer more lately, however, it keeps wanting to escape and fall off or jump in the toilet or something. I need to put it in a pocket as its clip is not very good.

    Ya I could stand to walk more and do more housekeeping too Blah.

  4. FYI – My pedometer, which I adore, is made by Omron. It says “Walking Style” on it, so I’m guessing that’s the model.

    It tracks steps, aerobic steps (if you’ve walked for at least 20 minutes straight), calories, and miles. Not only that — it has a memory feature that keeps a record of all four of those categories for seven days! So you can track your progress. And it clips on really strong. The instructions say that it will work even in a purse, but I’m a bit cynical, so I’m not sure I believe that. Anyway, I don’t normally carry my purse when vacuuming!

  5. It is so funny that you posted this tip because I almost chose to blog on the same thing! I have been using my pedometer for about three weeks and it is amazing how just the mere thought that I have it on makes me think how can I move next? JC

  6. I have to get myself one of these babies. I work at a desk all day so I am sure that my steps are minimal. I’ll have to get creative to amp up the amount of steps I take a day!!

  7. I’m glad it’s working for you. Mine’s not working for me. I got it for Christmas and it hasn’t done much. I did notice that you wrote that you clipped it to you not that you opened the box and left it on the dresser. HMmmm…maybe it will work better if I put it ON me.
    Thanks for the reminder and the encouragment.

  8. Hey, what great advice! Thanks for sharing – walking is an incredible thing and completely underestimated! I believe it’s one of the best weight loss techniques!

  9. Great post! I got a pedometer for my birthday, back in January. Would you believe I misplaced it before I used it, even though I asked for it? I’m hoping to find it soon (we are packing to move) and I think I should try to get a move on too!

  10. Great idea! You don’t think my professors would mind if I paced up and down the aisles during lecture, do you? After all, it’s for my health! 🙂 But I do like the idea at home… the layer of dog hair that coats my carpet might be reduced to only 1 sweater’s worth per week. Worth a try!

  11. Hey I just stumbled across your blog through the CWO blogroll…

    I loved your post! I wish I had one of those right now, perhaps my kitchen would be getting cleaned! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading more!


  12. I am so smiling now. What an entertaining AND informative piece that was!
    Thank you.

    For you others: although I haven’t decided to clip my pedometer on, Mandy’s low numbers match with my experience, and I might just compete to see whether I can match them.

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