A Bit About Believing

My creative writing students are required to write in composition books every day. Often, I find notes to me: “Sorry this is boring,” or, “You don’t want to read this,” or, “I’m lame!”

They’re wrong, but I have to laugh because of what I’m thinking when words won’t flow: “I’m a hack. This will never happen.” It’s hard to maintain belief in your dreams when the road is so long and curvy and filled with pot-holes of disappointment.

That’s what made my latest birthday present from my husband so amazing.

He’d asked a friend of ours–a photographer–to make mock-up book covers for my two novels. Mind you, neither has been published (the second isn’t finished). But the book covers are so gorgeous, one guest at my surprise party asked where he could buy the books!

What’s truly incredible is what they represent: my husband believes. That there will be real book covers one day, covering real books, filled with words that I wrote in those impossible-feeling moments. When I can’t believe in myself, I look at those book covers and let his belief take over.

My students can’t wait to open their composition books when I return them. I write notes like, “You’re not lame,” and, “This isn’t boring–I wish you’d kept going.”

Find someone who believes in you; and find someone to believe in. It makes a difference–believe me.

Originally published in the Nov/Dec 2009 issue of Pikes Peak Writers NewMag.

Photos by Sandi Evans
Note: The Gathering Summer is now titled The Things We Leave Behind.


5 thoughts on “A Bit About Believing

  1. And imagine the day when your sister produces the films based on the books…=)

    Everyone needs that kind of support. It is great to see you articulate the value of having others believe in us when we are questioning ourselves.

  2. Your “book covers” are amazing, and help us all to believe that dreams can come true, if only from a picture. I will find someone to believe in, and I know who believes in me.

    Thanks for this today!

  3. Those covers ARE great!

    My husband husband typed all the old manuscripts I had given up on after a computer crash a long time ago erased all the electronic copies. And then for Shatterworld he set up a series of focus type meetings with our friends (non-writer critiques) and he attending conferences where he learned to self-publish. Fortunately I got Written World Communications interested in the books before he self-published. And now I am going through the other novels he typed up for me to see if I can make them publishable by somebody other than us. I cannot think of any other man who would do such a thing.

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