About Me

All you need to know:

I was born in the South and raised (“reared”) by southerners, giving me a Dixieland perspective.

I’ve happily settled at the foot of the Rockies in Colorado with my husband, Pete, our two daughters, and three-too-many animals.

I believe the Bible’s true so I try to live my life accordingly, trusting in God’s promises and following His ways.

I am happiest when I’m writing–short stories, articles, or novel-length fiction (one novel–my “learning experience”–is complete; the other is in its final rewrites).

I teach high school Creative Writing at a local private school. (Yes. They pay me to hang out with delightful, earnest, talented kids and talk about books, stories, and writing. It’s crazy, I know!)

I was the editor of Pikes Peak Writers NewsMag from 2008 through 2010. When the NewsMag transitioned to a blog format, I transitioned to columnist/blogger.

I initially started this site because I was stunned by the disintegration of marriages–some involving dear friends, but also in the culture at large. I wanted to do something to revive the notion that marriage is for life, no matter what. As the blog has grown, I’ve posted a bit about teaching, writing, and life in general. But I will continue to focus mostly on marriage–and I hope this site will help its readers as they seek to create and cultivate the kind of love that lasts a lifetime.

Here’s the thing: I am deeply flawed and broken, and I believe that to hide that from others is to be deceitful. Too many of us are sold on one another’s facades, and it leads us to hide our own struggles, withdraw, and isolate ourselves. Most of my nonfiction writing reveals some kind of goofy, stupid, selfish, sinful thing I have done. If you find me horrible, that’s okay. You’re supposed to, because I am. The only good in me comes from Christ, and if I hide my flaws from others, I’m robbing them of the opportunity to seek help for flaws of their own…to know that He is gracious and merciful and loving. He loves us the way we are — and will not leave us that way.

photo by Sandi Evans