It’s About the Marriage, Not the Wedding

There are so many things wrong with this story. (If you’d rather not click:  A woman who happens to be a lawyer is suing her wedding florist for $400,000 because the flowers weren’t the right color, among other claims.)

First of all, flowers are living things, and seasonal.  I specifically recall my florist telling me that she’d do her best to get the colors I requested, but she would be limited by what was actually available on the day of the wedding.

Second, the cost of the flowers was around $30,000 (which is three times the cost of my entire wedding, but I digress).  Requesting $400,000 for damages is ludicrous.  I understand disappointment.  But if you’re emotionally scarred from an “0ff” shade of flowers–even wilted ones–then you’ve got deeper issues than I can possibly understand.  An appropriate compensation would be free flowers every month for a year, or something along those lines.  Not hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.

Lastly, when you get right down to it, the wedding is a party.  The meaning is contained in the promises that are made, and in the supportive celebration of family and friends.  The decorations have no bearing on the quality of the vows.  Focus on the marriage that begins with those precious words, as soon as they’re spoken at the altar.  I’m pretty sure they’d count even if the couple were surrounded by dandelions and ragweed.

By the way, I requested red roses in full bloom for my wedding bouquet, and received tightly bound little buds instead.  I was bummed, but guess what?  I’m still married.  Somehow we’ve made it almost fifteen years now, in spite of the bouquet being less than we expected.  And I was able to preserve the buds in a covered glass bowl which I have to this day, which would have been nearly impossible with full blooms.

That’s part of life: things happen differently than we’d like, we deal with it, learn to make the best of it, and move on.  Disappointments are stepping stones to building character; they’re not stepping stones in the pathway to riches.


WFMW: Mike Huckabee


Mike Huckabee is the only presidential candidate, as near as I can tell, that has the principles, the intelligence, and the personality to truly deserve the Republican nomination for 2008.

I realize this is not a typical Works for Me Wednesday post, like the usual parenting or practical tips, but Mike Huckabee really does work for me!

Take a peek at Rocks in My Dryer to see what works for Shannon.

Not Me

On a news program this morning, I heard a defense lawyer proclaiming that Michael Vick will undoubtedly “recover” from his current woes. I don’t recall every word verbatim, but the gist of it was this: “Michael Vick has lots of loyal fans.  Atlanta loves him.  Football fans love him.  They’ll forgive him and he’ll be back on the field by next season.”

Well, I beg to differ.  And, as a Georgia girl (an Atlanta one, specifically) as well as a huge football fan, I think my vote counts.   As a matter of fact, Michael Vick headed up my fantasy football team last year, taking me to a third place finish in my league.  And I happen to care very much about the character of my players.  The guys in the league (I’m the only estrogen-bearing team owner) all laughed at my philosophy the first year: no jerks on my team, thank you.  That rules out Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and Chad Johnson, to name a few.  To hammer the point home, I named the team the Mama’s Boys.  And the guys quit laughing when I won that first season.

Obviously, I don’t have a say about who the Falcons put on the field at the Georgia Dome.  But he won’t be on the Mama’s Boys’ virtual field, no matter when he returns.

A Bit of Politics

A big thanks to Jeremy for helping me get the lovely linky image in my sidebar!

I never intended for this blog to have anything to do with politics, but with the ’08 election looming and no clear Republican nominee in sight, I have been doing a lot of research into the various candidates. As usual, my favorites have been the “second tier” candidates.

Until now. Mike Huckabee has moved up a tier, and I’m thrilled.

Michael Medved has a good bit to say–click here.

Blame the Florist

Here we have yet another example of man’s infinite capacity for passing the buck. (And by “man,” I mean “mankind,” so don’t get smug, ladies!)

A fellow sends a bouquet–complete with a cuddly stuffed animal and a love note–to his girlfriend. What’s newsworthy, you ask? The florist sent the receipt to his house. Where his wife found it. Naturally, our Romeo is suing the florist for one million bucks.

Are we missing something here? Do Don Juan’s marital problems really lie at the foot of the florist? The ridiculousness of the situation renders it almost comical, until you really stop and think about the pain that’s been inflicted. And no, I don’t mean the pain of Slick’s embarrassment. Though the couple was already going through a divorce, and the wife was apparently already aware of the girlfriend, it still must have opened up horrible wounds for her to actually be faced with evidence of her husband’s romance. Even the words he wrote on the card were included on the receipt, so she had to read her own husbands’ declaration of love for someone else.

One would hope that, faced with his wife’s reaction, Smarty Pants would have had at least a brief moment of stunned contrition. That this scenario would have shocked him into facing what he’s really doing to this woman that he once, presumably, loved enough to want to share his life with her.

But, like I said, man(kind)’s capacity for denial and finger-pointing is, as always, bottomless.

You know, I have some friends who could use a nice bouquet. I believe I’ll click on over to 1 800 Flowers.

Care to join me?

I’ll stick with these, thanks

Here’s an eye-opening look at CFLs, those nifty curly fluorescent lightbulbs that cost more initially but are purported to save money in the long run, all while saving the planet.

I have felt guilty about not switching from incandescents for so long–but not anymore! I want to be a good steward of the earth God’s given us. Looks like changing bulbs isn’t the best first step in that direction.


Information is a good thing, but there is such a thing as too much. I do not believe any news outlet should have released the video + audio of Cho’s rantings. Especially disturbing to me are the still shots with the gun pointed directly at the camera. How can we look at that image without realizing that very same image was the last thing 32 innocent people ever saw? The families and friends of the victims should never be subjected to this barrage.

How sad that ratings have trumped decency and restraint.

I’m not going to dedicate any more time on this blog to this issue. I will, however, dedicate many hours more on my knees in prayer for those who loved the victims, and for those who loved Cho.